Advanced Human Imaging has opened on the Nasdaq. Our ticker code for the Nasdaq/ASX is "AHI".


Smartphone-based human scanning technology, with a diverse range of data-driven applications across multiple industries.

Our Technology: CompleteScan

Embedded into a partner's app, our CompleteScan offering unlocks the unique aspects of an individual's health, wellbeing, and chronic disease risk.


Body circumference, body composition, health indicators, health risks.
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Unlock Heart health, vital signs, health indicators, health risks.
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Skin disease detection for over 500 skin conditions in over 100 categories.
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Blood biomarker chronic disease assessment & monitoring.
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How We Integrate

Privacy & Security

Images and videos never leave your smartphone.
FaceScan data is deleted from the cloud after processing.
We do not store or send your data to third parties.
Advanced Encryption Standards.
Regular vulnerability and penetration testing.

Our Technology

Private & Secure

Data Processing Agreements with partners ensure global compliance to specific data privacy laws. Utilizing end-to-end encryption, no video or images leave the device.

Affordable & Accessible

Only requires a smartphone. Non-invasive, low-cost, and accessible solution that simplifies the collection of measurements.

Research & Validation

BodyScan is hardware optimized, delivering a near-realtime capture process.