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Measure your changes, track your progress, and see the transformation.


Advanced Profiles
A true biometric profile provides partners with a snapshot of someone's health.
Custom Fitness
Remote coaches benefit from digital health profiles for custom fitness programs rather than a one size fits all approach.
Dynamic Programs
Programs are dynamically selected based on a member's biometric health status.
Gamify dimensional change as the health of members improve.
Utilize vital signs after workouts to gauge the physical intensity, making adjustments dynamically.
Track dimensional change over time and the effectiveness of programs.

Example Integration

Custom Fitness

A new member signs up for a fitness app. As part of the onboarding, the member sets fitness goals and takes a body and face scan.

A custom program is recommended based on their goals and scan results.

Interaction #2

The coach can view the changes so far during the program, making corrections where necessary.

Real-time Monitoring

During workout stages, the pulse is measured using the face scan.

Both the coach and member can see the results, ensuring the target activity level is maintained.

Program Summary

Once the program is completed, the summary screen shows where the most change occurred on the 3D model.

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