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MyFiziq provides the ability to measure a person accurately. Not only for online purchasing of clothing but also in-store purchasing, providing a satisfying shopping experience.


Reduced Returns
Reduce wrong-size returns and related costs.
Auto-Size & Auto-Fit
Auto-size and auto-fit algorithms reduce the need for traditional sizing charts.
Custom Apparel
The future of custom clothing and  compression wear.

Example Integration

Auto-Size and Auto-Fit

A product's size and fit are auto-populated based on the most recent BodyScan.

Scan-based Results

Body scan measurements are used to browse the shop, excluding items that are the correct size.


Size and fit options are auto-matched by brand, driving online and in-store shopping experiences.

Custom Apparel #1

Custom art, initials, and branding graphics can be placed by an individual shopper, creating truly custom clothing.

Custom Apparel #2

Final custom apparel purchase with all personalization intact, ready for express checkout.

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AHI is not a consumer direct product.
We sell our Software Development Kits (SDKs) to other business who embed our technology in their products.
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